And we are off!

Argghhh – it is real. Here I am blogging. Setting up this blog has felt like stepping into the unknown but it has been fun exploring the possibilities.

I met with Ewan McIntosh in August, Ewan is an international name in new media and education so his kindness in talking me through the very basics – including correcting my spelling of youtube (whoops – we were talking basics you see) and smiling sweetly when I called him Ewan McGregor by mistake (deep cringe!!!) – was  very generous. I heard terms such as ‘social media embassies’ for the first time in my life before he sent me off with a long list of things to think about.

I spent what felt like for ever pondering names, finding out they had already been taken and getting back around the drawing table. I came up with Makes Me Excited….. because I heard myself saying it when describing to someone else what I wanted the blog to be – a place where all sorts of inspiring snippets exist that get me excited about the potential of artists and the education world working together.

Do sign up for blog update notifications in the box on the top right, comment away on the posts, offer ideas and links for material and  join me on the journey.


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