Delightful learning

I confess I got a bit distracted today. I was researching contemporary composers for brass instruments  (more of that later, I’m meeting with five schools on Friday who are going to be developing learning programmes with Brass – an international festival in Durham) and through a series of click, click, clicks ended up off one of those tangents which took me to to a post on Richard Millwood’s blog (which is full of all sorts of interesting things).

Richard writes: Ever since reading about John Heron’s ‘up-hierarchy’ of delight, with his wonderfully expressive language, I have been enjoying adding new elements (although disregarding for now their connection, except as a list). I have made a poster of them …….

Richard Millwood's Analysis of Delight.

The idea is that they are a source of explanation and stimulus for designing delight into teaching & learning.

Why do we like playing games on the computer? – perhaps because high quality and visually seductive graphics offer ‘appreciation’ and the many choices and their consequences feed ‘zest’.

Why do we like learning together? – perhaps because we get ‘conviviality’, ‘recognition’ and ‘controversy’.

Why do we persist when learning is tough? – perhaps because there is ‘interest’, ‘recognition’ and ‘resolution.

Is this all too obvious? Or do you, like me, want to put this poster on your wall to keep it fresh in your mind?

Yes Richard – I want this on the wall and the covers of those planning files I take out with me…… Thinking of developing delightful projects Makes Me Excited….. Thank-you!

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