Monthly Archives: January 2011

What to cover next?

I’m very aware I have been neglecting this blog. It isn’t that nothing has been making me excited – far from it. I have been using twitter to send out to the universe some of the great quotes from participants in projects, sometimes that just seems quicker than a blog post – but I would like to ensure some more depth is available here. There is lots to report on as it has been a very busy time, so this is the beginning of me getting back on track.

Some great news is that there are going to be a wider team of people posting on the blog in coming months, giving a broader perspective and hopefully adding lots of value. Like I was, they will be new to blogging and using the site as a way to build their social media skills. Do welcome them on board when they start posting (it is a scary thing to do).

However as a distraction (?) to getting going I have been enjoying Wordle to make a word cloud from the text of the most recent posts. It is very easy to do and rather fun, but it also makes me realise what areas I’m covering and what is less discussed. I have found this useful in thinking about where to focus next.

Thanks to Cath Ford, an artist in the North West, for pointing me to the Wordle site.