Makes Me Excited….. shares inspirational, thought-provoking or maybe just down-right fun, information that relates to the education and arts worlds working together. Some of this is  from our daily lives – where we are lucky enough to regularly experience moments that deserve sharing.  Other posts draw upon the practice of others, things that we have heard about or come across that make us think – wow!

We believe the skills artists have can be valuable in schools – fantastic opportunities for young people arise from the mix that develops when young people, artists and teachers share their ideas. The two sectors work together right across the globe and Makes Me Excited….. would like to be a part of the international discussion and celebration that comes from it.

The people writing this blog are all new to blogging. We hope through Makes Me Excited…. we will not only get to share lots of great information  and widen our networks but also develop our own technology skills – setting out on this journey feels quite scary to us! We are really lucky to have some great mentoring support from Ewan McIntosh of NoTosh, thanks to funding from Creative Partnerships, and big thanks to both as we wouldn’t have come this far without them.


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