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In searching around education and arts blogs as inspiration for Makes Me Excited….. a post on Carrot Revolution got me excited :

Phoebe is a local photographer who uses her blog as a place to show sneak peaks of projects that she’s working on, explore the use of her lenses, and share both her artistic experiments and successes. That’s what I love about her blog- she takes you through all parts of her creative process. Phoebe’s love of photography is evident in her blog, which was her own idea, and not a class requirement…  (Phoebe is in the 9th grade here in my intro to photography class).

Phoebe has recently changed blog sites, over on her old site Phoebe’s shares her pleasure at the arrival of a photobook:

Phoebe's book

yay! my book is finally here! i must say it’s not perfect but i really love it! i hope i get a good grade on this project. i’ve been waiting for this book for a while and now it’s finally here. can’t believe i have my own book 🙂 the page order got a little messed up thou. but i still love it 😀

This reminded me of a group of pupils at Hebburn Comprehensive who I spoke to last term, they had been working with writer Amy Mackelden and with her support written a book they were now publishing through Blurb – like Phoebe their joy at the thought of being published was infectious. The availability and relatively low costs of digital printing sites make them really useable in the classroom – the impact on both the motivation and self esteem for these pupils is very obvious.

Are we making enough use of these simple digital tools to support pupil attainment and help them share their successes? Note to self: remember how stimulating  it is for pupils to produce their work in professional formats – and build that into project design…